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Photos inspire us personally and serve to remind us of those we know, love and have shared connections. . They document history and the history of our lives. Kundalini Research Institute is the custodian of the over 80,000 negatives, slides and images documenting Yogi Bhajan's life, the organizations and events he founded and the people who shared those times with him.

Photographers from around the globe have donated their photographic collections to KRI and Yogi Bhajan's legacy. Some of these images have already inspired many students and teacher's of Kundalini Yoga, and have been used in books and publications, postcards, newsletters and websites of the organizations founded by Yogi Bhajan. The archive contains historical and exemplary moments of Yogi Bhajan's life and work.





DIGITALLY ARCHIVE AND PRESERVE: Negatives and slides have a short lifespan and KRI has been working to put this media into digital formats, so each image can be historically tagged and stored on a searchable database. This is a time consuming and costly process. Some of the images go back to 1969 and time is of the essence in preserving this important history.

SUPPORT KUNDALINI YOGA TEACHERS WITH PR MATERIALS: KRI offers Kundalini Yoga teachers and yoga studios the use of a selection of photographs in conjunction with their teaching programs in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. They are offered as digital downloads, which can be used for print, websites and other related teaching materials. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PHOTOS


KRI is making images in the "Personal" collection available to purchase in a variety of sizes and at the highest print quality available. These photographs are recommended as images for your altar, home, sacred spaces and personal collection. Each image is a precious reminder of who Yogi Bhajan was, the vastness of his life with us, and the inspiration that he still provides for us. It is not easy to choose which photos to make available, each one has its own intrinsic value and we continue to work to make more available. All proceeds from any purchase goes directly to support The KRI Photo Archive.


Your support is needed to manifest our goals. We must preserve this photo archive now. The fact is that we're running out of time. Some of these negatives and slides are 42 years old—well beyond their expected life-span. With your help, we will act quickly to insure this pictorial legacy, so that we, and future generations of student and teachers can have the visual experience of the life and work of Yogi Bhajan.




Facets of the Master

The Kundalini Research Institute Photo Archival team has produced an amazing DVD that we are offering as a premium to donors through June 2012.

Facets of the Master includes 236 (over 200 previously unpublished) photos of Yogi Bhajan, which will give you a glimpse into the wonderful, diverse, and vibrant life the Master of Kundalini Yoga and Mahan Tantric.

For some they will bring back fond memories and for others, they are a great introduction to Yogi Bhajan as he lived his life.





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"You have to understand the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to do something which will live forever." -Yogi Bhajan


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