Posture: Sit in a comfortable meditative posture, with your spine straight and your chin in and chest out.

Mudra: Cup your hands at heart level with your fingertips touching. Your hands make a “little boat.” Make sure that the outsides of the hands from the Mercury (pinkie) fingers all the way to the base of the palms are touching as much as possible. Place your thumbs just inside your hands and bend them down ninety degrees. The thumbs touch each other and your hands. It is a snug position.

Mantra: Inhale deeply and chant in a monotone, eight times in one breath: Ek Ong Kaar, Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad, Ek Ong Kar

Eyes: Closed

Benefits: This is a very powerful kriya. Maha Gyan means “the great knowledge.” Agni means the “purity of fire.” Practice this kriya unto that Infinity of God.

Time: Begin by practicing this kriya for 11 minutes and slowly build up to 31 minutes.

Yogi Bhajan • May 20, 1976



You can download the full KRIYA below