Posture: Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light Jalandhar Bandh.

Eye Position: Focus at the Brow Point.

Mudra: Gyan Mudra with the wrists on the knees.

Mantra & Visualization:
ARDAS BHAEE AMAR DAAS GURU The prayer is offered! Oh, Guru Amar Das

AMAR DAAS GURU ARDAAS BHAEE Guru Amar Das. The prayer is offered!

RAM DAAS GURU RAM DAAS GURU Oh, Guru Ram Das, Guru Ram Das

RAM DAAS GURU SACHEE SAHEE The prayer is guaranteed by Guru Ram Das.

Time: Continue for 31 minutes.

Comments: Imagine the sounds of Ardas Bhaee dancing along a spiral, through the locks of the spine and through your entire aura. Hear it as if you were dipping yourself into a healing pool and immerse yourself in it as a devotee sits at the feet of the Master.


You can download the full KRIYA below