Sit in an Easy Pose, with a light jalandhar bandh.

Mudra: Have the elbows tucked comfortably against the ribs. Extend the forearms out at a 45-degree angle out from the center of the body. The palms are flat, facing up, the wrists pulled back, fingers together, and thumbs spread. Consciously keep the palms flat during themeditation.

Mantra: The mantra consists of eight basic sounds:RAA MAA DAA SAA, SAA SAY SO HUNGPull in the Navel Point powerfully on SO and HUNG. Note that HUNG is not long and drawn out. Clip it off forcefully as you pull in the navel. Chant one complete cycle of the entire mantra, and then inhale deeply and repeat. To chant this mantra properly, remember to move the mouth fully with each sound. Feel the resonance in the mouth and the sinus areas. Let your mind concentrate on the qualities that are evoked by the combination of sounds.

Time: Chant powerfully for 11-31 minutes.

To End: Inhale deeply and hold the breath as you offer a healing prayer, visualizing the person you wish to heal (including yourself) as being totally healthy, radiant, and strong. Imagine the person completely engulfed in healing white light, completely healed. Then exhale and inhale deeply again, hold the breath and offer your prayer. Then, lift your arms up high and vigorously shake out your hands and fingers.

Comments: Certain mantras are to be cherished like the most rare and beautiful gem. The Siri Gaitri Mantra (this is also a Siri Mantra and a Sushmuna Mantra) is just such a find. It is unique, and it captures the radiant healing energy of the Cosmos as a gem captures the light of the sun. Like a gem it can be put into many settings for different purposes and occasions. When Yogi Bhajan shared this technology he gave a series of meditations that use the inner dynamics of this mantra. If you master any of these practices you will be rewarded with healing and awareness. The mantra is called a Sushmuna Mantra. It has eight sounds that stimulate the kundalini to flow in the central channel of the spine and in the chakras. As this happens there is usually a huge metabolic adjustment to the new level of energy in the body. The brain is also involved. The sounds balance the five zones of the left and right hemispheres of the brain to activate the Neutral Mind. The mantra uses a sound current. The sounds create a juxtaposition of energies. RAA means the energy of the Sun: strong, bright, and hot. It energizes and purifies. MAA is the energy of the Moon. It is a quality of receptivity, coolness, and nurturing. DAA is the energy of Earth. It is secure, personal, and the ground of action. SAA is the impersonal Infinity. The cosmos in all of its open dimensions and totality is SAA. Then the mantra repeats the sound; this repetition is a turning point. The first part of the mantra is ascending and expands into the Infinite. The second part of the mantra pivots those qualities of the highest and most subtle ether, and brings them back down. It interweaves the ether with the earth! SAA is the impersonal Infinity. Then comes SAY, which is the totality of experience and is personal. It is the feeling of a sacred "Thou." It is the embodiment of SAA. SO is the personal sense of merger and Identity. HUNG is the Infinite, vibrating and real. The two qualities together (SO and HUNG) mean, "I am Thou." As you chant this mantra you complete a cycle of energy and go through a circuit of the chakras. You grow toward the Infinite, then you convert the linkage of finite and Infinite at SAA. Then you revert back to an embodiment and blend of purity.